Hennepin Honorary Alumni Society

Staying Connected to Hennepin Healthcare

The Hennepin Honorary Alumni Society was established in 2015. This special affinity society is made up of medical staff alumni. The purpose of this society is to maintain allegiance and support for the important mission at 最正规的赌搏软件 Support is achieved through creating and sustaining philanthropy and giving to Hennepin Healthcare, comradery, meetings, news and updates, and social connections.

Community Forum

We are excited to offer this feature to our members to support and enhance the ability to easily view and submit messages to your Hennepin Honorary Alumni friends and colleagues.  The intention of the community forum is to share news and updates that you feel will resonate with others.

Teaching and Mentorship Opportunities Available

Do you miss teaching?  Are you interested in offering your expertise and guidance to the next generation of Hennepin Healthcare providers?  There are opportunities for teaching and meeting other needs in our training programs.  You can help Hennepin Healthcare maintain its reputation for excellence in medical education.  We are in touch with residency program directors and will help match your interests, skills and time commitment to needs.

Email Dr. Fred Langendorf if you are interested in these opportunities.

Membership and Benefits


  • All medical staff are welcome to join at any time through a quick membership form process. See the form below and if you have any questions, contact Robin Hoppenrath at [email protected].
  • Retiring medical staff will receive a reminder about HHA membership as they off-board through their department and Provider Services.


  • News about Hennepin Healthcare and our community
  • Access to our downtown campus, HHA ‘home,’ and library
  • Philanthropic opportunities
  • Special presentations 3-4 times a year
  • Social gatherings

Meetings and Events

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all regular meetings have been virtual and will continue to be so for the rest of 2022. We will consider the best options for future meetings and will share more information later this year.

  • Meetings are typically offered noon-1 p.m. three times per year.
  • Members may bring a guest to social gatherings.

Upcoming Virtual Meeting

Stay tuned for the next scheduled meeting.


Rise Program for Residents

As HHA members, we ask that you model support for our philanthropic goals by giving. A campaign that may especially resonate with you is the Resident Integrated Support Environment (RISE), which addresses the mental, financial, and physical health needs of residents by offering integrated support.

Learn more about the RISE Program.


Alumni Leaders

Michael Belzer, Guildford Hartley, Fred Langendorf

From left: Michael B. Belzer, MD, retired Chief Medical Officer, Guilford Hartley, MD, retired Medical Director, Bariatric Center, and Frederick Langendorf, MD, retired Chief, Department of Neurology

Robert Maisel, Mark Odland, Thomas Stillman

From left: Robert Maisel, MD, retired Chief, Department of Otolaryngology, Mark Odland, retired Chief, Department of Surgery, and M. Thomas Stillman, MD, retired Rheumatology Division Chair, Department of Medicine


Contact us at [email protected] or 612-873-6090.

Inaugural Social a Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended our inaugural social gathering on September 21. The combination guest list of HHA members, current medical staff leadership, and medical residents inspired stimulating conversations and new and rekindled connections.

We experienced first hand accounts on the value of the RISE program, so generously funded by this membership, and were reminded to contact Fred Landendorf with any interest in teaching and mentoring opportunities. Both subjects are covered below on this webpage. 

Hennepin Honorary Alumni Society Registration Form

Your professional license (past or current)
Why did you depart Hennepin Healthcare?